Our Story.

Every great story starts with a “why”, and for us, It was the search to improve human potential, to provide a solution for the changemakers and high performers out there so they can have an edge when they need it most. This is the reason that led us down the path of creating True Potential labs.

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Our Vision.

Our Vision is to help everyday individuals who are striving to be better realise their true potential.

Our Mission.

Our Mission is to push your mental and physical performance beyond their limits through cutting edge natural solutions.

After long hours in the corporate world hustling, grinding and pushing ourselves to our limits where it was all about fast pace, exceeding targets and always being pushed to do more, we realised that we couldn’t rely on Excessive caffeinated drinks, 2-3 coffees a day or synthetic energy drinks that were high in sugar and not healthy, ultimately leading to feeling anxious, sick and on the edge to only be let down with a short burst of energy followed by a big crash!

Realising the health effects short and long term of high sugar drinks, excessive caffeinated drinks and synthetic products we quickly realised that it was only a matter of time that we faced health challenges and knew that no matter how much success we achieved through working hard, hustling and grinding if we didn’t have our health then we didn’t really have a life…… So we decided to take control & find a solution!

After countless hours of research, speaking to experts, and testing ingredients on ourselves as guinea pigs we knew we were on to something and that Nootropics was the way forward to our solution…… fast forward Almost 2 years , after Many blind tests, Focus groups, sample reiterations and research & testing True Potential Labs Flag Ship product High Performance Tea was Born!

A new unique twist on Matcha Green Tea Combining 12 Different Nootropics and Adaptogens that have been used for hundreds and thousands of years with our unique formula to bring to you a Great refreshing Natural Taste that gives you Clean lasting energy without the crash while dialling in your Focus & alertness to #unlockyourpotential !

All Natural – vegan – 19 Calories with our 100% satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

“Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”

– Napoleon Hill

We are just getting started.

This is just the beginning of our story and we plan to share it with you as we go, the triumphs and the tribulations. Follow us on our socials to see behind the scenes.