Frequently Asked Questions.

Which Nootropics actually work?

All-natural nootropics work to some degree. Some natural nootropics may require a higher dosage than others to be effective. The potency of natural nootropics may also depend on your size and bodyweight.

Are Nootropics bad for you?

Not all nootropics are the same, some may require more caution when consuming than others. There are generally two categories of nootropics, natural and synthetic.

Natural nootropics come from plants and roots and have natural properties and are generally considered safe. Synthetic nootropics are man-made and may have strong side-effects.

Why Nootropics are effective?

Nootropics are effective because they contain properties that elevate your energy, mood, focus and they can contain many more health benefits. Most natural nootropics provide these benefits

How do Nootropics work?

Research suggests that nootropics affect multiple brain pathways in turn optimizing the brain’s functions.

Who should use Nootropics?

Anyone who wishes to have an edge in energy, focus, and enhanced cognitive/physical performance while also caring about their overall wellbeing.

How do I get in touch if I have a question?

Please send all questions to and a support team member will come back to you within 24 hours.

Are Nootropics safe

Natural nootropics that are plants and roots are generally considered safe, unlike their synthetic man-made counterparts which may require a prescription. Side effects may exist for some individuals.

Is High Performance Tea 100% natural and vegan?

High Performance Tea is 100% natural and is 100% suitable for vegans as there are no animal or dairy ingredients in our product. Most of the team at True Potential Labs are vegan ourselves!